Welcome back, Mr. Kay. Their final report is a real nod to Orwell's essay "Politics and the English language." There is a lot of it about. I have only read the shorter version, sorry, at the same time hugely appreciate those professional journalists who can do these Watergate deep dives.

It seems that real, considered measure in making judgements and the ability to discriminate in the true sense of the word, to see there are differences between the value of versions of events, have gone completely out the window which is a shame because these institutions should be the most critical of our critical thinkers: it's a source of originality. Instead it's characterised by hive mindset and confirmation bias that makes my teenager look like Christopher Hitchens. "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" Hitchen's Razor - see also residential schools.

Your proper investigative journalism here should be front and centre, as Kathleen Stock's case in the UK was, perhaps The Telegraph may take this further?

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Recovered memories? What's coming back next? Phrenology?

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I’m glad you’re back! I like this condensed version, and even if I don’t eventually read the long version, it’s very important that social panic/witch hunts like these get covered extensively. Thanks for doing the work; it’s a public service.

I think you inadvertently typed “Joseph” instead of Jeffrey Epstein, early on. (I’m saying this in a stage whisper so it won’t sound like criticism.)

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"witch hunts", indeed. Salem witch trials all over again.

But your closing "staunchly unapologetic" reminds me of an essay by Michael Robillard, in particular a quote therein of Upton Sinclair: “it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Also of some relevance is his quote of James Delingpole: "Universities are madrassas for woke stupidity.”


But the whole "DEI-industrial complex" reminds me of nothing so much as of the political commissars of Soviet Russia.

Rather depressing the extent to which "gender ideology" has rotted out so many of our important social institutions. Or maybe just drawn attention to their "fatal flaws". But you in particular might have some interest in my post on its corruption of various governmental statistics departments, including Canada's own along with my submission to the latter over their "wrong-headed" policies on gender:


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Read the whole thing. A dystopian fiction come to life, except if you wrote in a novel that the DEI types who got the ball rolling ended up at UBC, people would complain the end was too perfect.

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Read it last night Jon. Epic reporting and great writing. A pleasure to read. I knew there was going to be trouble as soon as I read that the SVRO had just been set up. They were keen to go all-in clearly. We live in strange times!

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