I would be OK with land acknowledgments if people said, “We recognize that we are on the unceded territories of ____, and we have no intention of ever giving them back or of compensating ____ in any way other than this acknowledgement.”

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Lol. I had to take some stupid Social Justice course with Farha Shariff for my Ed degree a few years ago. She is insufferable, but manipulates 19 year olds into activism.

Needless to say, my degree sits unused.

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"garment-render-in-chief"🙂👍 Bunch of virtue-signaling prima donnas.

Read/skimmed-through your review of 18 months at Quillette; most taken with your closing:

"By the time I got through Shannon’s account of what she’d endured at Jamie’s hands, I realized that [calling Jamie a woman is] nothing more than an ordinary lie."

Think it's about time -- well past time in fact -- to start calling a spade a fucking shovel, of saying that transwomen are no more than male transvestites, guys in drag -- at least if they have their nuts in working order, and sexless eunuchs if they don't. The problem with little lies is that they very often require even bigger ones to patch-over the increasingly manifest evidence of inconsistency with the "truth".

Don't think we're doing the transgendered any favours at all in pandering to their delusions. ICYMI, a rather brilliant essay by Michelle Goldberg in Slate in which she interviewed transwoman "Helen Highwater" who had this to say:

"Yet [Highwater] has come to reject the idea that she is truly female or that she ever will be. Though 'trans women are women' has become a trans rights rallying cry, Highwater writes, it primes trans women for failure, disappointment, and cognitive dissonance. She calls it a 'vicious lie.' ...."


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