Welcome to Deeply Problematic, Jonathan Kay’s contribution to the ever-growing substack-o-sphere. Error reports, hate mail, taunts, and libel notices may be sent to my hapless and beleaguered editorial intern—who is also named Jonathan Kay.

In the event that Deeply Problematic whets your appetite for more of my bon mots, you can read them at Quillette and on Twitter. I also host the Quillette podcast twice a month, appear on assorted other podcasts when asked, and periodically freelance for publications such as National Post, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. Plus, I author an entirely separate (and even more obscure) substack called Let’s Get BOARD, which, as the hilariously inventive title suggests, is devoted to board games. I keep a list of all my various media shenanigans (and awards!) here, including a fuller journalistic resumé, upcoming public events I’m speaking at, and such and such.

And yes, I write and edit books—sometimes under my own name, though often as a ghostwriter. These include Among The Truthers (2011), Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America (2016), Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life (2019), Quillette’s own Panics and Persecutions (2020), and Magic In The Dark: One Family’s Century Of Adventures In The Movie Business (2022). Every single one of them will make a perfect gift for whatever holiday or personal celebration happens to be approaching at the time you read this.

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Toronto-based Quillette editor, writer & podcast host. Book author & ghostwriter. Boardgames & disc golf. Hair-care expert. Proud Canadian. Lapsed Jew. Quick-service dining enthusiast.