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Salem Debs self-identifies as “a Black Ethiopian anti-racism educator, an anti-oppression coach, a social justice advocate, a student in dismantling…
The commission investigating Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act should also study the misinformation campaign that preceded it.
Laith Marouf redux; Brock U’s anti-oppressive stuffie; married to a gender cultist; (equine) fake news at CBC; Vancouver’s problematic BIPOC mayor…
The CBC’s new talking-tomato anti-racism variety hour; Lia Thomas, disc-golf-style; truth, reconciliation, politics, and snark; an update on Prof…
Someone asked me to define this much-used term. Here’s what I came up with.
Common sense dictates that self-identification policies must come with reasonable limits. Activists who insist otherwise are discrediting the LGBT…
Quillette articles on Iran and cultural appropriation; the G&M sanctifies DEI workers; my interview with Indian YouTuber Kushal Mehra; a definition of…
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